Meet the Team

At V.I.P. Care Management, Inc., every client receives the benefit of our Team Approach to problem solving. All complex issues are discussed with the Team to develop solutions from a multi-disciplinary perspective. One of the greatest assets of the V.I.P. style of Care Management is that our employees come to us from a wide variety of professional and educational backgrounds, not just nursing and social work. The Team approaches problem solving through a variety of lenses for the benefit of our clients and their families. It is our belief that when a care management company limits their staff to only medical and social work professionals, their problem solving skills are limited to that narrow scope. Our clients depend upon us to guide them through all life management situations, so this diversity of backgrounds is essential.

Sonja Kobrin, M.P.S., President

Sonja Kobrin, M.P.S. co-founded V.I.P. Care Management, Inc. with her husband David Kobrin in 1993. Sonja holds Bachelor and Master degree in Psychology and has an extensive background in counseling and advocacy. Today Sonja and David are joined in business by their son and daughter and a multidisciplinary TEAM of experienced Care Managers who work together for the benefit of all of our clients.

Sonja has expert knowledge in the areas of geriatric care management, guardianship, Medicaid planning, nursing home and assisted living placement and local community resources such as home health care. Sonja offers a holistic and comprehensive approach to Care Management unparalleled in the industry.


“Senior advocacy is a personal mission. This is not my job. It’s my life’s purpose.”

Linda Gaub, Care Manager

Linda has worked with V.I.P. Care Management since 2009. She is a fierce advocate for our Clients and an intuitive Care Manager. With experience in both long-term care insurance and hospitality, Linda is an exceptional care manager, well known in the community for her client centered and compassionate care management style.

“Being a Care Manager helps me earn my wings one feather at a time.”

Sam Davis, Care Manager

Samantha has been with V.I.P. Care Management since 2014. She is a natural born care giver with an innate sense of what our clients want and need. Sam will graduate nursing school in May of 2019 and will continue to works with V.I.P. as an licensed RN and Care Manager.

“I’m always flattered when people ask me if a Client is my grandparent. Being a Care Manager is beyond serving the physical and emotional needs of the clients, It’s getting to know their life stories and what matters to them most now. Showing our Clients the respect and dignity the deserve is what I am most passionate about.”

Michelle Kunz, MBA, CSA, Care Manager

Michelle is the newest member to the team, however she has been working as a Care Manager since 2007. Michelle worked as a finance professional for thirty-five years before moving to Florida, where she started a business to assist seniors and those facing difficult medical situations along with the challenges of aging. She has a BS in technical writing from Polytechnic Institute of New York University and an MBA from Baruch College, City University of New York. She is a member of the Society of Certified Senior Advisors® and is a member of the editorial board for the professional journal of the Society of Certified Senior Advisors. In addition, Michelle is an expert on the prevention of hospital-induced delirium. As a volunteer, Michelle was a Long Term Care Ombudsman for the state of Florida.

“Whether it’s a single act or a series of acts, Care Managers change the course of a persons life.”


Shelby Kobrin, Vice President, Community Outreach, Care Manager

Shelby Kobrin has been with V.I.P. Care Management since 2014 after graduating from the University of North Florida with her Bachelor Degree in Psychology.  In addition to her role as a Care Manager, Shelby also heads the marketing department coordinating community events such as educational seminars and fundraisers for our Not for Profit- EQOL. Networking with other health care professionals helps Shelby to identify quality services in our Community that cater to seniors and offer those services to our Clients as needed.

“Caring for my Clients means being sensitive to what makes them feel loved and doing what I can do to meet their needs. Whether its a listening ear or a hand to hold, I seek to fulfill my clients’ fundamental human needs; the humanistic approaches that medical professionals tend to overlook. “

Carrie Pohlman, Assistant Care Manager, Pet Therapist

Carrie has been with V.I.P. Care Management since 2018 assisting the senior Care Managers with their caseloads and providing pet therapy to our Clients. Carrie Graduated from the University of North Florida in 2014 with her degree in Public Relations. Carrie is also a certified yoga instructor who delights in guiding our Clients through gentle stretches and meditations to help align body and mind.

“I truly believe in the benefits of pet therapy and have seen it do amazing things for our clients. I started bringing Carson, our service dog, to the nursing home to visit one of our clients who had been non-verbal for months but by the time Carson and I left they were overjoyed and asking for more visits from us. Since our visits this Client has begun engaging with his care givers. Now, when Carson and I come to visit, his eyes light up and you can just see his energy change. Its’ incredible!”

Dr. Joseph Lalia, Concierge Psychiatrist

Dr. Lalia is a board certified Psychiatrist and affiliate of V.I.P. Care Management. In 2011 Dr. Lalia graduated from the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine after which he completed his residency in Adult Psychiatry at Nassau University Medical Center. He completed his training by sub-specializing in Forensic Psychiatry at the University of Miami/ Jackson Memorial Hospital system and the Miami VA hospital. Since 2018 Dr. Lalia has provided concierge clinical and forensic psychiatric services to our Clients in the comfort of their home, in care facilities and at his office located in Boynton Beach.

“While forensic psychiatrists typically are consulted in complex legal matters, in the medical community, psychiatrists are on the front lines of assessing capacity to give informed consent and need for guardianship. Many psychiatrists often find such consultations daunting because residency training usually includes little to no formal training in performing psycho-legal assessments. Evaluating issues such as decision-making capacity, guardianship, and capacity to give informed consent requires a delicate balance between autonomy and beneficence– a balance which Forensic Psychiatrists are uniquely trained to provide.”

David and Joshua Kobrin, Senior Real Estate Professionals

David Kobrin is co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of V.I.P. Care Management,Inc. David is also the broker/ owner of South Florida Real Estate Connection, where Joshua is managing Realtor. David and Joshua, respectively, work onsite to assist V.I.P. Care Management’s clients with 28 years of experience in the South Florida Real Estate market. Their services make V.I.P. Care Management a one stop shop for many of our Clients who are transitioning from home to care communities.

The services they provide include but are not limited to:

Property management

Estate liquidation





Carson, Certified Service Dog

Carson is just one year old and already visiting many of our Clients on a regular basis. He is a certified Service animal with a passion for snuggling.

“I like to make new friends.”

Tito, Office Ambassador

Tito is 3 years old. He is a professional Pet Therapy Dog who can visit with our Clients. He spends most of his time napping in office chairs and attending meetings.

“Did someone say treat?!”