Consultations & Assessments

Care Managers conduct Consultations, Assessments and Evaluations to determine the needs and desires of the client and / or family. The Assessment can focus on one area of concern or consider all life management areas such as medical, social, psychological, legal, financial, insurance, government benefits, environmental, spiritual, home and facility, etc. A written Care Plan can then be developed to map out short-term and long-term plans of action for both the family and Care Manager.

In many cases an informal client meeting is all that is needed to determine the client needs and help the family begin taking action. Care Managers may meet with clients and family member in your home or in our office. We offer telephone consultations and conference calls for families at a distance.

A Care Plan is designed to solve problems or manage tasks in all of the life management areas. The Care Plan is then followed so the Client and Family will have their needs met. Our Care Managers can provide reports to designated family members or responsible parties such as individuals with Power of Attorney, Trust Officers and Guardians to keep them appraised of significant changes in the Client’s situation. Care Managers may identify the need for other professionals such as physicians, therapists, psychiatrists, lawyers, home health care and domestic helpers. Care Managers are your link to trusted resources and can provide ongoing monitoring to assure success. In some cases, where there may be family discord, the Care Manager can be the buffer and mediator to ensure that communication is achieved. 

Families can expect that the Assessment and Care Planning process is fluid. Needs can change rapidly. The Care Managers are able to anticipate and plan for many expected changes in status. When the unexpected occurs, a Care Manager will likely re-evaluate and address any new or changing needs.

  • Initial Consultation
  • Client Assessment
  • Care Plan Development
  • Cost of Care Analysis and Strategic Long-Term and Short-Term Planning
  • Medicaid, PACE, Veterans’, Medicare and other Benefit Eligibility Consultations
  • Home Care Coordination and Monitoring
  • Assisted Living or Nursing Home Placement Options
  • Advance Directives Review
  • Community Resource Information and Referrals

ALL Services provided by V.I.P. Care Management are CONFIDENTIAL