Care Management

It can be unsettling to learn that someone you love is now unable to lead the independent life they once enjoyed.  You may feel guilty and helpless as you try to offer assistance. Whether a person’s decline in function occurs suddenly or gradually, multitudes of issues arise which can tear family relationships apart. Often, the person in need of assistance believes they can manage on their own.  They may assume their friends and family will be able to dedicate all the time and energy needed to address the problems at hand. 

Few people realize the medical, financial, social service and legal expertise needed to effectively manage the challenges of aging. Our Care Management team is qualified to assess your family’s unique situation and bring community resources together to meet your needs.  We are there for you when difficult decisions weigh heavily upon your mind.

When the challenges of aging arise, family members often spend considerable time and money coming to the aid of their loved ones. But once the family members return home, the problems often resurface. The truth is, although families wish they could help, there is only so much that can be done from a distance.

Locating and coordinating community and government services can be difficult and frustrating, making long distance care coordination expensive or sometimes impossible. Even families who live close to their elders often have difficulty navigating the complex healthcare system.

Whether you live around the corner or around the world, V.I.P. Care Management can offer peace of mind and improved quality of life for the entire family.

There is no need to carry the load alone. The staff at V.I.P. Care Management are experienced, knowledgeable, and understanding about the aging process, and the available resources.

  • Assessments and Evaluations
  • Care Planning for Quality of Life
  • Personalized Client Visits
  • Consulting / Advisement / Community Resource Information & Referral
  • On-going Needs Evaluations
  • Assisted Living and Nursing Home Placement
  • Strategic Problem Solving
  • Family Liaison/ Intermediary
  • Home Care Oversight
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Medical Appointment Accompaniment
  • Medical Records Chart Review and Archive Services
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Errands and Shopping
  • Family Guardian Services and Support
  • Bill Pay Services
  • Transportation Coordination