Real Estate and Legal Services Coordination

Real Estate

Moving to a nursing home or assisted living facility often prompts seniors or their family to consider selling the family home or investment property. Although Medicaid allows you to keep a homestead property in Florida, it does not allow you to direct your income or assets toward the maintenance of the home after you begin to receive Medicaid benefits in a care facility. It may not be practical to continue to pay the expense of keeping a home or investment property when it is vacant.

The Principal owners of  V.I.P. Care Management, Inc. also own and operate a real estate company: Benchmark Property, Inc. located in Lantana, Florida. Our Licensed Realtors can assist our clients to determine the market value of their property and sell that property so the assets may be protected or used for future care needs with the help of a licensed attorney. As real estate professionals who are also geriatric care managers, we are uniquely sensitive to the needs of our clients, especially during periods of transition and change.

To discuss the sale of your home or property, please call our office to schedule a free consultation with a licensed realtor. You may also visit Benchmark Property, Inc. online at Benchmark Property, Inc.  is managed by David Kobrin, Licensed Real Estate Broker.

V.I.P. Care Management clients value the convenience of finding a comprehensive range of services all in one place. that many of the services they need are available under one roof.

Legal Services Coordination

Some aspects of managing the care and financial affairs of a loved one require new legal documents and legal advice which can only be provided by a Florida licensed attorney.

When our clients desire to name a Power of Attorney, Health Care Surrogate, Trustee, Personal Representative or Voluntary Guardian, legal documents are required. Because seniors and individuals with disabilities sometimes also require the assistance of Medicaid, these documents must meet the standards of Medicaid which are far more detailed than free document templates found on the internet. V.I.P. Care Management may introduce our clients to an Elder Law attorney for Medicaid Planning and asset protection.

V.I.P. Care Management helps clients select the right attorney, if needed. We can coordinate client /attorney meetings if desired and provide support services to make our clients feel comfortable throughout the legal process. We refer to attorneys who we know are very sensitive and caring toward seniors and their care givers, in addition to being knowledgeable about all asset protection strategies specific to elder care and Medicaid applications. We can provide mobile Florida notary and witness services to assist with document execution, especially of the client cannot travel to the law office.